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Welcome to Conex Brass Screws and Fasteners website!

Conex manufactures and exports worldwide a whole host of Brass Screws Brass fasteners cold forged fasteners machine screws bolts anchors square nuts CNC turned parts etc. We have a purpose built manufacturing unit and a staff of over 125 people who strive hard 24/7 to produce best quality BRASS SCREWS and BRASS FASTENERS exported to the world. 

We pride on high quality standards, production values and business ethics. These qualities have helped us to achieve leadership in India community of engineering manufacturers and exporters. We are a Government registered export house with exports of Brass Screws, Brass Fasteners to leading European countries and to USA.

Our product range is as follows (not limited to):

  • Anchors Fasteners
  • Brass Anchors
  • Brass Dowel Plugs
  • Pool Cover Anchors
  • Concrete Anchors
  • Brass Anchors Wood Deck Pool Cover
  • Brass Pool Cover Anchors Stainless Steel Pool Cover Springs Pool Hardware
  • Book Binding Screws Posts
  • Brass Binding Screws Posts
  • Extensions for Binding Posts Screws
  • Chicago Screws Brass
  • Brass Machine Screws
  • Pan Head Screws DIN 85
  • Cheese Head Screws DIN 84
  • CSK Screws DIN 963
  • CSK Brass Screws Flat Head Screws
  • Brass DIN 404 Screws
  • DIN 965 CSK Phillips Head Screws
  • DIN 7985 Screws Brass
  • DIN 966 Phillips Oval Countersunk Screws
  • Grub Screws Socket Set Screws
  • 8mm Brass Anchors M8 Brass Anchors Fasteners
  • Stainless Grub Screws DIN 916
  • Grub Screws Socket Head Screws Brass
  • Hex Bolts Hexagonal Screws
  • Stainless Steel DIN 933 Hex Bolts
  • Brass Bolts DIN 933 Hex Bolts
  • Brass Bolts Nuts, Hex Nuts Bolts Brass
  • Hex Set Screws Brass Hexagonal Set Screws DIN 933 Set Screws
  • Hex Nuts Lock Nuts
  • DIN 934 Nuts Hex Brass Nuts
  • Brass Lock Nuts
  • DIN 557 Square Nuts
  • DIN 439 Brass Hex Thin Jam Nuts
  • Back Nuts Flanged Nuts Hex Nuts
  • Brass Flare Nuts
  • Spacer standoff electronic hardware
  • Brass Hex Spacers
  • Brass Panel Nuts UNEF
  • Standoffs Pillars Brass
  • Special Screws Fasteners
  • Sealing Screws Brass Meter Screws
  • DIN 464 Knurled Thumb Screws
  • Stainless Steel Screws Fasteners
  • Din 85 Stainless Screws
  • Threaded Rods Studs
  • Brass Threaded Rods Studs
  • Wood Screws
  • Slotted CSK Wood Screws
  • Brass Wood Screws, Solid Brass CSK Wood Screws
  • Screw Cups Socket Inserts for Wood screws