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Brass Flare Nuts
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 Brass Flare Nuts

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3/16 1/3 5/16 3/8 1/2 5/8 3/4 (all size inch) Copper tubes all sizes with UNF threads with 45 Degree SAE or 37 Degree JIC Flare threads

Brass Flare nuts and fittings are a type of compression fitting used with metal tubing, though other materials are also used. Tube flaring is considered to be a type of forging operation and is usually a cold working procedure. During assembly, a flare nut is used to secure the flared tubes tapered end to the also tapered fitting, producing a pressure-resistant, leak-tight seal. Brass flare nuts Brass tube nuts are made by CNC machining or forging stamping.  Our Brass stamped flare nuts and tube fittings flare fittings are exported to 28 countries of the world from our factory in Jamnagar INDIA. Flared connections offer a high degree of long-term reliability and for this reason are often used in mission-critical and inaccessible locations.The most common flare fitting standards in use today are the 45-degree SAE style, and the 37-degree AN style, also used with the JIC system. The AN/JIC style generally has a higher pressure rating for a given size tubing.


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